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26-27 November 2014 at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

Over the past two decades, a continuous dialogue and fruitful convergence between art and design related practices and research has been explored in the academic institutions. Involved in the contemporary discourse of practice-led research, the Art of Research Conference 2014 brings out the interactive and dynamic relationship between experience, materiality and articulation. How are different fields and media shaping these in novel ways through various methods, tools, and skills? How do research and practices operate from these relationships? Through these questions the main aim of the event is to engage in a shared exploration of bold and visionary thinking across different entangling practices.

The Conference aims at sharing an understanding of the ontological, epistemological and methodological issues of practice-led research, and offers an academic framework for discussing notions of experience, materiality and articulation. To facilitate inquiries on the themes of the Conference, we invite original proposals on various forms of art that significantly contribute to practices and research in art and design. Rather than suggesting that the themes of experience, materiality and articulation are fixed, we encourage broad contextual thinking and perspectives.

Conference program is published

  • How is experience articulated through artifacts and their making?
  • How does awareness of environments, discourses and cultures affect practice?
  • How does material agency and affordance affect the making of an artifact?
  • What stories lie behind artifacts and how do narratives support creative activities?
  • What is the role of the body in research through practice?
  • How does an exploratory approach towards creative processes and materials contribute to the production of new knowledge?

Notwithstanding the above, it is appreciated that these questions might stimulate other questions that potential contributors could see as productively challenging or could lead to expanding these concerns. Such responses are most welcome.

This is the fifth in the Art of Research event series, the first of which took place in Helsinki 2005, and the second to be hosted by EMPIRICA, a research group based in the Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University. The event is organized in collaboration with the University’s Department of Film, Television and Scenography, Handling Mind research project and the Finnish Association of Designers (ORNAMO) together with Association of Finnish Sculptors.