Kerstin Abraham

Kerstin Abraham is a Professor of Fine Arts and Ceramics in Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

She studied Art and German language at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In 1984 received a PhD in art theory and studied ceramics from Gertraud Möhwald.

In 1994 she became Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture at the Academy of Art and Design Halle/Burg Giebichenstein and of Ceramic Sculpture at the Muthesius Academy of Kiel.

She was a visiting professor in Italy, USA, China, Hungary, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland.

Since 1989, she produces numerous exhibitions, such as "Wait and -" (2011) at Schloss vor Husum. Works in private and public organizations.

Title of the keynote
Concomitance // concurrency // concurrence // coincidence // simultaneity // simultaneousness // synchrony // synchronicity // synchronism // contemporaneity // contemporaneousness // ubiquitousness
How articulation is conducted in my studio work